New York Festival Focused us!

Exploration of Japanese woodblocks in the world

Takezasado has launched a big project to discover the heritages from the predecessors in order to revive Japanese culture. This project was covered by a Japanese TV show and the program got the honor of NEW YORK FESTIVAL's Bronze World Medal!

Most of the old woodblocks have disappeared from Japan and we had been losing the wisdom of pioneers. The drain of Ukiyoe in overseas fortunately contained not only prints but woodblocks themselves. We are sure they are still silently breathing somewhere beyond the sea. We dig out the old hidden ukiyoe and woodblocks created over many years ago. We elucidate a lot of sofisticated techniques and uncommon expressions from the important witnesses telling our historical culture to next generations.

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the portrait of a beautiful woman produced in early 19c


Bibliothèque nationale de France / Kyoto city / Paris city / Kansai TV / Ritsumeikan Univ.


2009-2015 (Interval included)

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Exhibition showcase
Maison&Objet Paris

We exhibit our products
in the world's largest international exhibition.

Takezasado will exhibit the works in MAISON & OBJET Paris held in January 2017. We are one of the businesses in overseas market development “Kyoto connection” project in the category of craftsmanship including the leading traditional industries of Kyoto city.

Our target this time is to offer a new possibility and appeal beyond those of the past arts and crafts by displaying our processed paper works. They have been produced by our exquisite craftsmanship with woodblock printing techniques, which creates fine coloring and elaborate line depiction that are difficult to produce by digital techniques.
2nd of our attempts, we will launch large-sized woodblock printing Japanese paper inspired by traditional Japanese building materials.

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20-24 January 2017

Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris, France


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Lupin the 3rd has come
World-famous Animation dives into Ukiyoe

the Crown of Traditional techniques

Takesasado was responsible for the process of woodblock production of Ukiyoe prints "Lupin the third".

We have made 5 images of main characters wearing KIMONO and the scene of their chasing on the river. These pictures were created by the highest Japanese traditional techniques: woodblock printing, WASHI papermaking and calligraphy. Moreover, the signature of the author, "Mr. Monkey Punch" is written in "O-BAN Goren-ezu".

*Described in Japanese

Product information

大判 / 特判「水上捕物帖」 / 大判五連絵図
"Lupin the 3rd UKIYOE MOKUHANGA"
O-BAN / TOKU-BAN "Suijo Torimono-cho" / O-BAN GOREN-EZU

TAKEZASADO Online shop
*You can buy this series only in Japanese version site.

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Online shopping

Takezasado's products will sail to the world.

At last, We’ve opened our new website, TAKEZASADO Online shop, to all around the world.

You can purchase our sophisticated items on TAKEZASADO online shop from anywhere with 19 currencies, and then we’ll deliver them to 125 countries and regions.

Take a look at our new channel filled with Japanese traditional flair!

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